Is your service available nationwide? 

Our services are available across the regions of Kingston upon Hull, East Riding of Yorkshire and North East Lincolnshire. 

What are the primary services performed? 

For all care package visits, on each visit our dedicated Grave Attendant will include the following care and maintenance of your loved ones final resting place. 
Removal of all debris, leaves, rubbish, old flowers and other litter. 
Removal weeds and overgrowth. 
Trim grass around the Headstone / Memorial. 
Cleaning of memorial Headstone and plinth. 
Clean memorial pot liners and ornaments. 
Lay freshly cut flowers. 
Photo Record, before & after photo, sent to Client following each visit. 

Don't cemeteries maintain graves? 

Most cemeteries and churchyards provide groundwork and general maintenance of the Cemetery grounds. They do not have the resources to care and inspect each individual memorial. The ultimate responsibility for maintaining the grave rests with the family and friends not with the cemetery, since the families purchase the gravesite for their loved ones. 

How can I order services? 

You can place your order through the online service ordering process, this process will efficiently guide you through to book your requirements with us. Alternatively, you can call us to discuss your requirements, we understand people may have specific wishes and we will always try to accommodate your wishes. In such situations we will provide a quote specifically tailored to your requirements. 

How do I pay for services and deliveries? 

Love in the Mist work hard to ensure we provide a high quality service at an affordable price. Most customers can pay for our services, flowers and products, through our online payment options. Clients can choose to pay for our care service options in a single annual payment and take advantage of a ‘10% discount’, or alternatively spread the cost over the year in 12 monthly instalments, with our 0% easy payment plan. We can also accept payment by Cheque and Standing Order. For delivery services only, to deliver your floral tribute we charge £0.75p per mile. Mileage is calculated from Love in the Mist base location in Cottingham, to the selected Cemetery, return. 

What if I don’t know the grave address? 

The grave number is located on the back of your loved ones memorial, alternatively, the grave number can also be found on the deeds for the grave. You can also contact your local authority's burial department who may provide the details for a fee, fees vary between authorities. But don’t worry if you don’t have this, we can locate it for you for a one off fee of £25.00 We will then include your loved ones grave address details when we send our before and after confirmation to you, on completion of the visit, which can then be used to provide the details for any future services. 

When will the services be performed? 

We will schedule the work once we receive your order. We do require at least three working days before we can make our first visit to the grave. Therefore, if you choose our Fortnightly or Monthly Care options, we will endeavour to schedule each visit as close to 14 and 28 days from your originally selected date. All grave visits are undertaken Monday to Friday. If you choose our Fortnightly or Monthly Care options, tending will be completed no more than two days from your original chosen date. 

Do you provide repair and restoration services? 

If you wish to conduct any restorative work to the memorial or kerb edging that may require some repairs and/or additional maintenance, that will necessitate the removal and reinstatement of the memorial, we can provide you with project management services to plan, cost and organise the project. We can provide you with a ‘no obligation’ quotation on any such project management work, on request. 

How will I know that the services have been completed? 

We will notify you by the method you selected at the time of placing the order, this being either by text or e-mail. We will send to you a confirmation of the work completed at the visit and shall include a before picture and an after picture. The confirmation will also provide a short summary detailing the general appearance and condition of the memorial and its foundation. 

Do you provide fresh cut flowers? 

We provide our standard posy as the starting point for our floral tributes, we also provide the option to increase your floral tribute to a medium or large bouquet. We work with exceptional Florists who provide us with a large selection of flowers depending on the season. In consultation with our Florists, we will choose what is most appropriate for your grave, based on the time of year, its type, size and location, and any personal preference that you may have from our selections (depending on availability). All of our selections have been carefully chosen based on the appropriateness for UK cemeteries and churchyards. 

What is your service guarantee? 

We understand from our own experience how important our loved ones’ final resting place is, we fully appreciate the standards of care and respect within which we pay homage to our departed at each visit. Incomplete service is unacceptable to us and we have clear procedures we follow to ensure a consistently high quality of service is provided. If you are not pleased for any reason, please contact us and we will endeavour to correct the issue. Please understand the age and impact of weather can cause the memorial to deteriorate. This can of course have an impact on the appearance of the memorial, despite having been thoroughly cleaned. Also, that occasionally the condition of the grave may be correctable only as a major restoration project. 
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